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  1. 1.Basic Knowledge Of Weld

1. 1.Basic Knowledge Of Weld

Basic Knowledge Of Weld - 

1.What call to weld?
Answer:2 kinds or more than two kinds of materials(same race or different race), pass to heat or add to press or
Twos counteract, attain the combine of of atom but become the craft process that the permanence link to call to weld.

2.What call an electricity Hu?
Answer:From weld power supply to supply of, at two pole produce strong but last long air to turn on electricity phenomenon-call electricity Hu.
<1> presses the electric current category and can is divided into:Alternate current Hu, direct current Hu and pulse give or get an electric shock Hu.
<2> presses the appearance of give or get an electric shock the Hu and can is divided into:Free electricity Hu and compression give or get an electric shock Hu.(such as etc. ion Hu)
<3> presses the electrode material and can is divided into:Melt a pole electricity Hu and don’t melt a pole an electricity Hu.

3.What call a female material?
Answer:The metals been weld#-be called a female material.

4.What call Rong drop?
Answer: The Han silk after carrying first to be subjected to the heat melts, and to Rong pond transition of liquid metals drop#-be called Rong drop.

5.What call Rong pond?
Answer:Rong Han what the top of the Han piece become have must the liquid metals of several shapes part#-be called Rong pond.

6.What call the Han sew?
Answer:After weld Han piece in become of combine part.

7.What call the Han sew metals?
Answer:From melt of female material and fill that part of metalses that the empress of the metals(Han silk, Han...etc.) concretion become.

8.What call a protection air?
Answer:Weld convenient at the protection metals Rong drop and the Rong pond don’t need is invade by outside and harmful air(hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) of air#-protection air.

9.What call to weld a technique?
Answer:Various generic name which weld a method, weld material and weld a craft and weld the equipments etc. and its foundation ories-call to weld a technique.

10.What call to weld a craft?Which contentses does it have?
Answer:Weld one whole set of craft procedure and its technique provision in the process.The contents include:Weld a method and prepare before the Han that process, assemble, welding material, welding an equipments and welding is in proper order and welds an operation and welds craft parameter and Han to handle behind etc..